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Extra Large Super Ultra Open Brain

Extra Large Super Ultra Open Brain

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Behold the most spectacular open brain coral in existence - the Super Ultra Open Brain! This mind-blowing coral consists of extra large ridged discs undulating with outrageous fluorescent colors.

Vibrant neon shades of green, pink, orange, and purple ripple across the corallite valleys and ridges. The fleshy polyps extend upwards at night, revealing a hyper-colored alien landscape unlike anything you've seen before.

During daylight, the intricate patterns and surreal colors are more subdued but no less impressive. Truly a one-of-a-kind showstopper!

The Super Ultra Open Brain requires very strong LED lighting and moderate flow to thrive. Maintain water parameters at: pH 8.3-8.5, calcium 475-525 ppm, alkalinity 9-12 dKH, and magnesium 1400-1550 ppm. Perform 5-10% weekly water changes and keep nitrates <3 ppm, phosphates <0.015 ppm.

Target feed with enriched brine shrimp, cyclops, reef roids, and microplankton. With perfect tank conditions, this alien coral will flourish into a glowing alien spaceship in your aquarium!

Let the otherworldly beauty of the Super Ultra Open Brain take your tank to infinity and beyond! Order today!

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