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Ricordia Mushroom

Ricordia Mushroom

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Add brilliant pops of color to your tank with Ricordia Mushroom Corals! These vibrant corals consist of short stalks topped with fleshy neon polyps resembling colorful mushrooms.

Ricordia Mushrooms come in a dazzling array of fluorescent shades like emerald green, psychedelic orange, electric pink, and ocean blue. The colors glow under LED lighting, especially at night when the polyps are fully extended during feeding.

Ricordia thrives under low to moderate lighting with low flow. Maintain alkaline levels from 8.1-8.3 pH and calcium around 400-450 ppm. Perform 5% weekly water changes and test for alkalinity, magnesium, nitrates, and phosphates regularly.

Target levels are: carbonate alkalinity 7-11 dKH, magnesium 1200-1400 ppm, nitrates <20 ppm, phosphates <0.1 ppm. Target feed with microplankton, phytoplankton, and brine shrimp.

With proper parameters, Ricordia will spread quickly to form colorful clusters of alien mushrooms in your tank. Fragments can also be taken for new growth. Let Ricordia Mushrooms bring mesmerizing neon colors to your reef today!

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