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Ultra Mix Zoanthids Pack/Set

Ultra Mix Zoanthids Pack/Set

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Get ready for the most spectacular zoanthids we offer - Ultra Zoanthids! These eye-catching mushroom corals consist of neon polyps clustered into colorful mats in outrageous fluorescent shades.

Ultra Zoanthids come in hypnotizing colors like psychedelic greens, electric oranges, vivid purples, and ocean blues. The polyps extend upwards at night, revealing their unreal colors in all their glory under LEDs.

These zoanthids require strong lighting with moderate flow to thrive. Maintain pH 8.2-8.4, calcium 425-475 ppm, alkalinity 8-12 dKH, and magnesium 1325-1475 ppm. Perform 5-10% weekly water changes. Keep nitrates <10 ppm and phosphates <0.05 ppm.

Target feed with enriched brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, reef roids, and microplankton. With ideal tank conditions, Ultra Zoanthids will carpet your tank in vibrant alien colors. Fragments can be used for expansion.

Let the shocking colors of Ultra Zoanthids bring your tank to the next level! Order today and enjoy these surreal mushroom corals in your own underwater world.


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