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Candy Cane Coral Frag

Candy Cane Coral Frag

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2 heads per frag

Brighten up your aquarium with our eye-catching Candy Cane Neon Coral! This colorful coral features fluorescent green branches with pulsating neon pink and orange polyps resembling traditional candy canes.

Under blue LED lighting, this coral glows and shimmers, putting on a spectacular fluorescent display. The neon polyps extend fully during feeding times, revealing a rainbow of mesmerizing colors. This fast-growing coral will quickly become an exhilarating centerpiece in your tank.

Candy Cane Neon Corals prefer strong water flow and bright lighting conditions. For continued health, maintain alkaline water between 8.1-8.4 pH, calcium around 400 ppm, carbonate alkalinity between 7-12 dKH, and magnesium around 1350 ppm. Perform weekly 10% water changes and test calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, and phosphate levels regularly.

Feed microplankton, phytoplankton, and meaty foods like mysis shrimp 2-3 times per week. Use reef-safe products to maintain low nitrates and phosphates. With ideal care, this coral will flourish, and branches can be fragged into new neon colonies!

Let the dazzling colors of our Candy Cane Neon Coral light up your underwater world! Order today and enjoy this brilliant beauty in your own aquarium.

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