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Large Ultra Pectina

Large Ultra Pectina

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Get ready for the most spectacular pectina coral available - the Ultra Pectina! This coral consists of fleshy scalloped discs in outrageous neon colors like screaming green, psychedelic orange, and electric pink.

The fleshy plates extend upwards to feed at night, revealing an alien landscape of ridges and valleys pulsating with color. During daylight, they remain compacted, displaying a more subdued pattern of lines radiating from the center.

The Ultra Pectina requires very strong LEDs and moderate flow to thrive. Maintain water parameters at: pH 8.2-8.4, calcium 450-500 ppm, alkalinity 8-12 dKH, and magnesium 1350-1500 ppm. Perform weekly 5-10% water changes and keep nitrates <5 ppm and phosphates <0.02 ppm.

Target feed with cyclops, rotifers, reef roids, and microplankton. With ideal tank conditions, the Ultra Pectina will grow quickly into surreal alien colonies of vibrating color. Fragments can be used to expand the neon disks.

Let the otherworldly beauty of the Ultra Pectina take your tank to the next level! Order today and enjoy this psychedelic coral in your own aquarium.

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