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Super Ultra Zoanthid Frag

Super Ultra Zoanthid Frag

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+10 polyps

Get ready for the most spectacular zoanthid coral we offer - the Super Ultra Zoanthid! This coral consists of densely packed polyps that form mat-like colonies in the most brilliant neon shades.

The polyps extend during feeding and glow with unreal colors like electric green, screaming orange, neon pink, and ocean blue. These zoanthids take color intensity to another level under actinic lighting.

Super Ultra Zoanthids require strong flow and high-output LEDs to thrive. Maintain water parameters at the following levels: pH 8.2-8.4, calcium 420-500 ppm, alkalinity 8-12 dKH, magnesium 1350-1500 ppm. Perform 5% weekly water changes and keep nitrates <5 ppm and phosphates <0.02 for best growth and color.

For feeding, target meaty foods like cyclops along with reef roids and microplankton. With high light and pristine tank conditions, these zoanthids will grow quickly into dazzling colorful colonies. Fragments can be used to expand your neon mats!

Let our Super Ultra Zoanthids take your tank's colors to the max! Order today and enjoy these unreal glowing polyps in your own aquarium.

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