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Plate Coral

Plate Coral

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Add an elegant touch to your aquarium with Plate Coral. This unique coral displays a flat, plate-like structure with vertical ridges along the edges. During the day, tiny tentacled polyps extend from the surface of the coral, showing off vivid colors like green, brown, or blue. The polyps retract at night, leaving just the plated skeletal structure visible.

Plate corals originate from the waters of the Indo-Pacific and thrive under moderate lighting and flow in the home aquarium. They are photosynthetic and require strong light to survive. Provide proper water parameters with alkaline pH, stable calcium, and added supplements. Target feed microplankton weekly for continued growth.

This coral reproduces by budding new polyps from the main structure. Over time, plate coral will spread across the rocks work a living piece of art. Their distinctive shapes and colors make them popular for reef tanks. With the right conditions, your plate coral will flourish for years to come.
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