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Reef Element

Blue Tip Torch

Blue Tip Torch

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Add a majestic centerpiece to your tank with our Blue-Tip Torch Corals! This iconic coral consists of long tapering colonies with bright green polyps tipped in brilliant metallic blue.

During the day, the polyps remain partly extended, revealing the blue color contrast on the ends. At night, the tentacles stretch outward as they feed, creating a torch-like shape with a vibrant pop of blue.

The Blue-Tip Torch Coral thrives under medium to high intensity lighting with low to moderate flow. Maintain alkaline water from 8.2-8.4 pH and calcium around 400-450 ppm. Perform weekly 5-10% water changes and test for alkalinity, magnesium, nitrates, and phosphates regularly.

Target levels are: carbonate alkalinity 8-12 dKH, magnesium 1300-1400 ppm, nitrates <10 ppm, phosphates <0.05 ppm. Target feed with microplankton, rotifers, artemia, and other small meaty foods.

With ideal care, this iconic coral will flourish, and fragments can be used to expand the torch-like colonies. Let the Blue-Tip Torch Coral become the regal centerpiece of your underwater kingdom! Order today!

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