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Extra Large Joker Head Torch

Extra Large Joker Head Torch

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Introducing the dazzling Joker Torch Coral! This mouthwatering coral consists of vibrant colonies of long, tubular stalks topped with glowing green polyps. The polyps are elegantly highlighted with "Joker" style red bands and white tipped mouths, giving a playful twist to the iconic torch coral.

During daytime, the polyps remain partly extended, showing off the colorful bands. At night when feeding, they stretch outwards resembling torches, putting on an incredible display of color.

The Joker Torch thrives under medium to high intensity LED lighting with low to moderate flow. Maintain alkaline water from 8.2-8.4 pH and calcium around 425-450 ppm. Perform weekly 5-10% water changes and test alkalinity, magnesium, nitrates, and phosphates regularly.

Target levels are: carbonate alkalinity 8-12 dKH, magnesium 1325-1450 ppm, nitrates <10 ppm, phosphates <0.05 ppm. Target feed with rotifers, artemia, and other meaty foods for best growth.

With proper care, this playful torch will flourish, and fragments can be used to expand the colonies. Let the Joker Torch Coral bring a smile to your underwater circus! Order today!

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